Theists Are Much Different Than an Atheist

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By: Morgan Wader

Date: December 10, 2021

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There is a common misconception that atheists and theists are one in the same. This could not be more false. Theists are people who believe in a god or gods, while atheists do not believe in any gods. This distinction is important to make, as it changes the entire nature of the conversation. When discussing religious beliefs, it is crucial to know whether the person you are speaking with believes in some sort of deity or not. Doing so will help avoid misunderstandings and ensure productive dialogue.

  1. Atheists don’t believe in God
  2. Theists are people who believe in a higher power
  3. Atheist’s beliefs are based on science, not faith
  4. Theists have no problem with atheism because it doesn’t affect them personally
  5. Religion is the belief that there is something greater than oneself
  6. Science is the study of natural or physical phenomena and can be used to prove or disprove anything.

Theists and Atheist are different. We can help you better understand the differences in how they think, feel and behave to improve your marketing strategy. Have you tried any of these neuroscience principles?

What Is Atheism?

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