Atheists Love Hunting Big Game: Here’s How to Do It

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By: Morgan Wader

Date: June 7, 2020

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Hunting is a sport just like fishing and riding a bike. For so many years now, hunters have hunted both small and big game. Besides being a sport, game meat is sweet, and it is one way to help conserve the woods.

The journey to becoming an expert big game hunter is long for beginners. It starts with learning how to make a perfect shot when it is dark, when it is raining, and even when your hands freeze from cold. Once you can make an ideal shot, you have to learn how to track the elk or the mountain goats. Then you have to learn how to camp.

Because atheists understand that a balance has to be maintained, hunting is not about killing as many animals as possible but getting the largest of them all and claiming the prize. You can even get into hunting competitions once you hone your skills to an expert level.

You will learn most of the skills along the way. For instance, it is easier to learn how to track the elk in the woods than doing it in books.

Learn to Camp

Camping skills do not end when you can persevere the cold at night – you have to be a boy scout and learn where to get water when what you brought is finished. It would help if you also learned how to start a fire when you lighter won’t work, and it is cold. You have to be ready with at least two ways of making a fire. 

You also need to learn how to identify the best camping spot in the woods and set up a camp. A hunter is like a backpacker who kills big. As such, you need to have all the necessary safety gear, sleeping gear, rain gear, torches, GPS, map and compass, and many more.

Make a Long Shot

Shooting is not something you learn in-the-woods. Even with the best scope for AR 15, you still cannot make the best shot until you train for a few months. The scope will help get the elk in your radar, but is that all it takes?

Before you start your expedition, practice shooting in different weather and lighting conditions and from different distances. Also, practice to shoot moving and stationary targets. This way, you will be ready for the big game.

Find your Way in the Woods

When you are deep in the wood of the mountains, your smartphone’s GPS may not work. You will rely on paper maps, a compass, and the sun (if you have such skills). If you cannot user a compass and a map, learn before you get to the woods. Getting lost in the woods is more disappointing than missing the elk.

Identify the Best Hunting Areas and the Best Game to Hunt

Do you want to hunt the antelope in Wyoming, the mountain goats in Utah, the moose in Washington, the whitetail in Montana, or the bighorn sheep in Oregon? There is a species for all your hunting needs. Each of these big game animals presents a different hunting challenge, and you have to be ready whichever you choose.

Once you identify the game you want to hunt and the location, get ready for the prevailing weather in the area, and then get the necessary permits depending on the state. If you want to go on an African hunting safari, learn the hunting laws there, and get a permit in advance. If you want to hunt on private land, get permission early in advance [1].

Learn the Ways of the Big Game

You need to learn how to track big game. Find their routes and their hiding places, identify what time of the day they come out, learn the seasons they are easier to hunt, learn their sounds and how to attract them, and anything else you can learn.

If you need a bull elk, for instance, learning the sounds of the female elk might come in handy.

Sharpen Your Knife and Carry Big Game

Once you have your prize elk, how do you carry it off the woods? If the road is far away, you need to learn how to quarter the elk (cut it into pieces you can carry) and get it off the woods. If you have a horse, you are even luckier as carrying in the bull will be easier. If you have a scooter (who those who hunt on two wheels), you still need to quarter the animal.


Whatever you do, avoid going to the woods hoping you will get the elk the first few hours, or even the first day. In most cases, you might have to set traps or cameras on the trails before you sight the elk. As such, go ready to camp until you get the game. Hunting in a group will be easier for you.



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