Atheists Isn’t

a modern invention

The idea may have existed in ancient Greece’s polytheistic era. Atheism proponents believe that Christian opprobrium millennia may have buried ancient atheism beneath rubbles. They believe that religion isn’t “hardwired” into humanity and that there’s nothing important to humanity about belief in religion.

Atheists also dispute that the idea came up due to science and secular states that rival religious truth. Instead, they believe it’s a myth resulting from discussions about the “new atheism.” They’re skeptical about the supernatural due to religion eclipse’s progression resulting from science.

They also argue that religious persons perceive it as a pathological sign from the western world for capitalism consumption. Plato in the 4th century BC, the Epicureans who were known as “atheoi” in antiquity, Carneades in the 2nd century BC, and Colophon Xenophanes texts point to early atheists in history who rejected divine belief.

However, atheism concepts are often more philosophical than real. Christians, on the other hand, believe in the existence of a supernatural being (God) who created the heavens, the earth, and the entire universe with everything in them.


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