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Nebraska Atheists is an online platform that provides information, tips, techniques and anything else our audience may want to know about atheism.

Generally, atheism is the lack of belief in the existence of god or related deities. Specifically, atheists reject the belief that there’s an existence of deities. Atheists believe that there’re no deities. The term was obtained from the word “theism” that means there’s a minimum of one deity in existence.

The word atheism etymologically was invented prior to the 5th century BCE in ancient Greek. It was obtained from the Greek word “atheos” that means “without god(s).” Historical books show that the word “Atheism” dates back to 2,500 years ago.

The term was utilized to refer to individuals who’ve rejected the thought of worshipping gods in antiquity as in the rest of the society. The word was also used to refer to people the gods rejected, or those who didn’t commit to the belief in the existence of the gods or a supreme power.

Some atheists critique

 Atheism isn’t a modern invention that stemmed from Enlightenment in the western world. Disbelief in the supernatural dates back to about 2,500 years ago in the ancient world. Atheists believe that humans aren’t predisposed to belief in gods naturally.

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