Why atheist love hot water

Atheists are individuals that do not believe in the existence of any deity. There is a common trait among many atheists about using water – whether to drink or to bathe with it. The quality is that they most often than none, love hot water. They also take great delight in frolicking with the coils of the water heater. Ever wondered about reasons for this? Ordinarily, there are different health-related benefits for using hot water. Perhaps, the atheists seem to be more attuned to loving hot water than any other individual and the reasons for such attitude towards hot water are enormous.

For the atheist, hot water helps in detoxifying the body. In their conception, there are no superstitious being that should cleanse their body system both internally and outwardly. They felt drawn to the natural way of doing it. The possible way for them loving hot water as a natural way of detoxifying their body system. There is no gainsaying, detoxification of the body is one of the ultimate benefits of drinking hot water. The body temperature goes up leading to sweating when you drink warm water. The sweating is the expulsion of toxic materials out from the body and for good healthcare.

All atheists suppose that anything about religion should be considered nonsensical. This is heightened the general dislike for overweight. Many atheists believe that religion makes one fat and most of them worry so much about weight gain. As a result, most of them take it very seriously to have a balance weight. Most atheists like Bertrand Russell and Tom Paine are slim. It is possible they gave considerable attention to their love for hot water. Hot water contributes conspicuously to weight loss. It also promotes metabolism and the breaking down of adipose tissues under the skin. Thus, the atheist love hot water because it helps in reducing weight.

Furthermore, warm hot water encourages the consumption of tea and coffee. Most atheists are good consumers of tea and coffee. When you want to make coffee, hot water may be a further health benefit to use. Coffee consumption contributes to longevity. It also reduces risks of diseases like diabetes type 2, Parkinson’s disease, liver disease, some cancers, and heart health-related issues. The atheist is resolute to take advantage of this sublime benefit of hot water. They most often demonstrate their love for hot water through consumption of hot coffees or teas. It appears they also enjoy playing with the coils of the water heater to boil the water.

The central nervous system needs to be calmed. One other benefits of hot water that the atheist is wont to exploring is calming the central nervous system. Anybody who’s central nervous system is clued-up for good health and controlled reactions; such persons have fewer pains and aches. They also have little or no panic throughout the day. The atheist sees hot water as an excellent opportunity to calm their nervous systems down, reduced risks of arthritis and improves their performance in their daily activities.

The coils of water heater have been of great support to an atheist for his love for hot water. Thus, these coils are found close to the atheist’s office home,

reading table, or everywhere he could sit. The benefits are however enormous which he is exploring and to make the best use through his love for hot water.

Pistol for Atheist


Several Atheist groups are increasing their concerns and discomfort with the idea that every day they are getting their right to possess firearms reduced; American citizens are protesting profusely on this matter as it is their right to own arms. The business itself is that if the 1st Amendment guarantees that Church and State shall remain separate, and that is the law. Then the 2nd Amendment shall ensure their lawful rights to own guns regardless of the religious belief of others.

Is not their business to choose or decide on behalf of the Atheist of their right to own guns is respected or not. The idea of holding a gun does not necessarily mean that the gun owner will commit a crime; most cases are merely for psychological safety. Most common uses are the hunt, target shoot, skeet, competitions like IPSC, but the main reason for people to own guns is to defend their home and their business. Another interesting fact is that those safe owners of firearms are registered for possession; they have the right to have a gun. It should not be a business of discussion if an Atheist gets a pistol, if he or she wants, then a firearm for Atheist should be legitimate. Religious groups can argue about these rights being correct or not but are not their business to decide what the law states, separate from other entities, like state from church, one moral thinking should not predominate over the other one.

There are some myths about gun owners that need to be unveiled, like the idea that gun owners dream or desire about killing people. That is not true; they prefer to have the option of doing it in case they see a rapist, pedophile or spree killer who was about to perpetrate an act of violence. Having that option is the freedom they so wish to be respected. Another myth is that all gun owners are affiliated with the NRA (National Rifle Association), and that is not right, their business is to protect the rights of all gun owners although only 5% or less of the gun-owning population is affiliated to it as it is estimated that there are about 100 million gun owners in North America. Another myth is that almost all gun owners are religious people, the answer to that is No, the Atheist community increases they participate in the gun control debate vigorously every day. The business cannot be driven to the phrase that Atheists love guns, but it is incredibly healthy to love rifles and pistols. Especially having such a wide variety of them, Check this website www.minutemanreview.com for great weapons.

Atheist are probably more subjective to the thought of arms than religious believers as they see the gun more as a tool than evil itself, the person is who can or will be performing the lousy deed, not the gun. It is the legal people’s right to bear arms, and Atheist is strong defenders of their freedoms, as their homes and businesses, loving firearms is not illegal, and therefore they should be heard.

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